AR-2808 - Lector de tarjetas de proximidad para control de acceso autónomo

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Lector de tarjetas de proximidad compacto para control de acceso
500 tarjetas standard 125Khz EM
Opera con 12V DC
Botón para conectar a una campana.

Lector de proximidad compacto para interior o exterior (a prueba de agua IP-55)

  • Voltaje: 12VCD
  • Corriente: 60 - 80mA
  • Usuarios: 500 tarjetas standard 125Khz o llaveros EM
  • Super Usuarios (Administradores): 5 tarjetas o llaveros EM
  • Timbre para puerta: N.O. Relay contacto en seco
  • Temporizador de cerradura eléctrica: 1 a 60 segundos (programable)
  • SELF-CONTAINED ACCESS CONTROL READER Compatible with AR-2802 for Multi-Station Operation


    • Proximity EM Card Reader with Door Bell Button
    • Low Profile Surface Mount Weatherproof Plastic Housing – IP-55
    • Operated with The Most Popular EM Cards or Keyfobs
    • Self-contained, Stand-Alone Operation
    • Built-in Data I/O Port Expandable for Mult-Station Operation
    • Solid State Output for Long Life Door Strike Operation
    • Relay Output for Operating Optional Door Bell
    • Accommodates Up to 500 Users and 5 Super Users
    • Self-Created Master Card, User Cards and Super User Cards

    El paquete incluye:
    Un lector de tarjetas

    AR2808 is a weatherproof, self-contained access control reader designed to drive electric door lock directly. It accommodates up to 500 proximity EM cards. Its output is compatible with the Fail-safe or Fail-secure electric lock. The door lock striking timer is programmable. A built-in door chime relay contact is also available to operate an external low power door chime. It is a full feature compact reader ideally for the access control system in small office and home. The system employs Solid State switch instead of mechanical relay contact for door lock strike. It gives longer service life and prevents the sabotage of opening the door with strong magnet activating the output relay.
    AR-2808 is built-in with Data I/O bus for system expansion. Maximum three optional card readers (AR-2802) can be connected with it to set up a multi-station access control system.

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